Lungovita Micro Home

Many have tried to build a complete living quarters in less than 100 sq ft but the designs are often cramped and unattractive. Nomad Micro is a leader in intelligent design but the Lungovita Micro Design is a giant leap forward from even Nomad. Lungovitas 105 sq ft state of the art Micro home is a beautiful work of art with mirrored glass that blends in perfectly to any environment. It's private, bulletproof, long lasting, fully furnished and ready to go. Simply hook it up to a water and electric supply. Ideal for personal use or as an Airbnb rental. With a potential 1 to 2 year payback why bother taking 6 months to try to figure out how to build your own when you can now drop and earn? As mega successful flipper Tarek El Moussa teaches his apprentices...'Be an investor not a contractor."

- Complete Micro Home in 105 square foot (2.1 m x 4.55 m)

- Full Bath, Kitchen, Bedroom/Living Room
- AC/Heating, Ventilation, Water, Hydro, LED lighting, Mirrored Glass, Curtains
Building permits are often not required for structures less than 108 square feet

Lungovita (loon-go-vee-ta) means long life. Built with Aviation Aluminum Frames and high end mirrored glass and materials our uber private, weatherproof, rustproof, climate controlled and nearly sound proof fully furnished micro homes and micro offices will last over 50 years.

Lungovita Micro Office

Lungovita Micro Office =  9 ft x 7 ft 63 square feet

- Air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electrical, mirrored glass, furnished 

To purchase a Lungovita Micro Home or Office please contact Andrew directly at 226-506-7555 or email: